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Technological Solutions - Cybersecurity Audits

We analyze the security level of an entity with a 360 approach through different types of computer audits , depending on the organization's scope, methodology and level of complexity.

  • Internal / External / WiFI Audits Auditorías externas / WiFi Networks Audits
  • Maturity Level Audits
  • Code Audits

Technological Solutions - Cybersecurity Audits

Our product combines different tools in a single probe system. This allows us to identify, in real time, possible intrusions on your company's network.

The probes placed in the client (hard and / or soft) detect anomalous network traffic, both in the IT and OT world, reporting the data to our central node, generating alerts for each security incident. Also, deploy "Honey Pots" as bait and diversion for the hacker.

Technological Solutions - Teleworking

Our proposal contains "turnkey" solutions based on the needs and existing infrastructure to establish these solutions both at the level of virtualization and hardware and have a set of tools that allow to activate express plans for teleworking, without compromising the continuity of our business and ensuring the confidentiality, integrity and availability of your information.

" Turnkey " solutions in an open package of solutions, including:

  • Firewall + VPN
  • Tunnel terminators
  • Endpoint Security Cloud
  • Backups. According to needs, in the client's facilities or Online

Consulting. Compliance

Business consulting for the design, implementation and auditing of regulatory compliance related to information security and business continuity.

  • Information security management systems. ISO 27001 or National Security Scheme (ENS).
  • ISO 22301 business continuity.
  • ISO 27032 cybersecurity management
  • Adaptation to the latest legal requirements (RGPD y LOPDGDD)
  • PCI-DSS Standard.

Others. Free Services

We have prepared a package of free services are these:

FREE Trainning

  • Formación gratuita «Escuela de Hackers» para alumnos de ESO / Bachillerato
  • Formación gratuita «Introducción al Hacking Ético» para alumnos de FP / Bachillerato / Universitarios con conocimientos básicos de redes y administración de sistemas Windows y Linux

FREE Consulting

In view of the wave of computer attacks that are taking place, added to the need to adopt extraordinary measures, express teleworking plans have been activated that can put business continuity at risk, exposing the computer infrastructure to attacks or security failures that compromise the confidentiality, integrity and availability of data.

For all this to disposition of the small and medium companies this free service of technological consultancy in cyber security where in a simple way we can solve all your doubts.

How do we do it?

We make available to companies during 3 months from April to June a period of time of 2 hours a day (10:00 to 12:00 in the morning) in intervals of 20 minutes to make consultations on doubts or problems when carrying out telework.

Through the following link you will be able to book an appointment in the foreseen calendar, to make a call, video call by Skype or any other program with our technicians and solve your doubts.