External Audits

We are all targets of cyber attacks
Do not risk your web, e-commerce or on-line service
We protect your and your clients business with our professional, quality and economically adjusted external audit service

For SMEs and internet companies

For SMEs and final clients worried and aware of security.
For companies that provide internet services to their clients.

Integral service

We analize your web, store or internet service state.
We make a complete technical and executive report.
We monitor the resolution of the deficiencies detected.

Professional, quality, economical

A professional audit service, quality and economically adjusted to your needs.


We are all potential cyber attacks objectives.
Prevention is the best way to avoid this attacks.

Contact us and present your case, we will give you the right solution.

Cyber attacks

How Cyber attacks are

  • Any web page, on-line store, service (VPN, e-mail) or computer (mobile, PC, TV, car, etc...) with a public IP suffer automatic attacks for the mere fact of being visible on the Internet.
  • Many are automated attacks looking for bad configurations, default passwords, known and uncorrected vulnerabilities.
  • In other cases, the attack is directed, professional, dedicating numerous technical and human resources that criminal organizations have.


  • Steal information (offers, designs, plans, etc ..)
  • Cause you a denial of service (throw our online store, mail, VPN, online store, etc ..)
  • Encrypt the information and ask for a ransom
  • Use your computing resources and their computing power as a bridge to carry out other attacks or put them to undermine cryptocurrencies for others.
  • Disseminate a bad image (reputational risk) of your company or institution by changing and / or posting photos or comments on our web pages.