Specialized in Cybersecurity and Consulting

Cybersecurity is NOT just a service for big companies

32% of large and medium-sized companies acknowledge having suffered at least one cyber attack in the last 12 months. International Business Report

"Spain is the 3rd country in the world which suffers the most cyber attacks". "2017 was the year when more attacks were registered" (National Security Institute).

Our Company

SSHTeam is a technology-based startup specialized in Cybersecurity and new technologies. We implement and develop security solutions for all types of companies

Our tools combine different technologies such as Big Data and Artificial Intelligence to identify any type of threat in real time


Flexible. Competent.

Pentesting and ethical hacking

Education and awareness

Forensic and legal expertise

Regulatory and Legal Compliance

Secure development and SecDevOps

Software development


Automated Cybersecurity Management

Sensors for IT / OT

Real-time identification of intrusions

Continuous monitoring and deployment of decoys

Alerts, notifies and blocks anomalous traffic