Cyber Security Audits

We put our Information Systems Security Audits within your company's reach.

  • Analyze the security level of all your computer systems and networks.
  • Increase security level.
  • Deal with any malicious attack in your business or company.

External Audits

Analysis and risk assessment of services published on the internet (domains), such as web pages, mail servers, VPNs, Cloud systems, intranets, applications or any other published service


Internal Audits

Analysis and risk assessment of computer systems, is performed on all internal servers, workstations and other devices connected to the internal network looking for vulnerabilities.


Wi-Fi Audits

Analysis and risk assessment of WiFi connections available in the organization, internal networks, guest networks, public networks, checking their encryption, access methods, authorized devices, range of coverage, etc.


Maturity Level

Analysis and risk assessment taking as a reference the minimum organizational and security measures that establish reference norms and standards (ISO 27001, ENS, etc.) that a company must implement such as backups, network separation, user management and passwords , remote access control, etc.



Analysis and evaluation of risks in the development of secure software and the different phases of its life cycle, combining our knowledge of hacking techniques and application development with specific tools for code analysis.

In a world which is likely to depend on information systems, vulnerabilities are up to date. Hackers, Crackers, Phreakers, Lammers, Script Kiddies, etc... are constantly looking forward to take advantage of security breach going a step ahead of those who worry about being Secure.

There are a lot of different vulnerability types that we may have, and even more are the types of attacks that we may suffer.

And as if it was not enough, more and more Software vulnerabilities appear day by day (Flash, CMS, operative systems...) or the dreaded ZeroDay, which have a big impact if elements which have extended use are affected, for example social networks or CMS (WordPress, Joomla, Drupal...).

Computer Systems used by companies are increasingly complex, functional and therefore harder to control. Sometimes it may be convenient to perform a Security Audit of the Computer Systems to know exactly which could be our system errors and to avoid undesirable consecuences.

We analyze the security level of an entity with a 360 approach through different types of computer audits , depending on the organization's scope, methodology and level of complexity.

For all audits, the scope of the audit is first established to assess the work to be carried out and the days needed to carry it out, then a report is issued that is presented to the client with the findings found and the recommendations to eliminate and / or mitigate the identified risks.