We offer centralized security services integrating different solutions, mainly the real-time identification of cybersecurity threats through monitoring thanks to a product of our own development, without forgetting to support our clients with a team specialized in incident response and analysis digital forensic.


Our product combines different tools in a single probe system. This allows us to identify, in real time, possible intrusions on your company's network.

The probes placed in the client (hard and / or soft) detect anomalous network traffic, both in the IT and OT world, reporting the data to our central node, generating alerts for each security incident. Also, deploy "Honey Pots" as bait and diversion for the hacker.

Incident response

With extensive experience, our team of specialized technicians advises and supports, and may even be part of your team to carry out an analysis of the situation and determine the scope, impact and risks suffered:

  • Estimate the scope of the attack and its total elimination
  • Minimize impact through containment and recovery protocols
  • Proposal for new measures to improve security

Digital forensic analysis.

When a cyber attack happens, it is necessary to know the information that has been compromised and the damage caused. The digital forensic analysis collects all the possible evidence of the attack by applying techniques of:

  • Data analysis
  • Analysis and research
  • Report writing

They allow to identify, recover, preserve, analyze and present valuable information.