We are a group of professionals with passion for informatic security and software development

Our human team is made up of professionals specialized in different areas of cybersecurity, providing experience and internationally recognized certifications (Lead Auditor, OSCP, CEH, CKA, etc.) that allow us to offer quality and effective services to our clients.

Through our team, we can offer different types of services related to cybersecurity, such as pentesting, secure development, regulatory compliance, technical cybersecurity office, etc.

Ignacio Alonso Neila

CEO and systems architecture

Pablo Pérez-Aradros

CTO & Secure Development

Héctor Piqueras Medina

CSO & Vulnerabilities Manager

Carlos Prieto Lezaun

CFO and Security Director

Guillermo Ganzarain

Head of Pentesting Team

Chema Martinez

Compliance Consultant and Business Development – Linkedin

Amaia Tomé

Marketing and business development

Paula Moreno

Product development. IA Module

Carlos García

Pentesting and Vulnerability Management Team

Arturo González

Systems and TOTALSOC