Our product combines different tools in a single probe system. This allows us to identify, in real time, possible intrusions on your company's network.

From the security operations center we can provide the following services:

  • Prevention of security incidents
  • Real-time threat monitoring
  • Incident response and digital forensics

We offer centralized security services integrating different solutions, mainly the real-time identification of cybersecurity threats through monitoring thanks to a product of our own development, without forgetting to support our clients with a team specialized in incident response and analysis digital forensic.

How does it work?

As a continuous monitoring service ( IDS ) it allows the detection of incidents that may affect different segments of a company's network, such as malicious or non-legitimate traffic. Most infections occur within the network, where conventional systems (firewalls) are not effective.

Facing an infection or security breach, response time is always crucial. For best results, our devices deploy internal honeypots on the network. These act as a decoy, showing weakness in the face of an attack, becoming the first target of malware.

As a complementary security measure, our probes and agents could automatically block threats ( IPS ) preventing the spread of an infection or access to certain local or internet resources.

How to provide de Information?

Through a control panel where all information is centralized and we provide it to create the perfect Security Operations Center ( SOC ) for your company.

This control panel adapts to all users and profiles through roles that allow:

  • Dashboards by default and customizable to present information in the form of graphics through its own tool.
  • Default and customizable reports with indicators.
  • Administration of probes, modification of their settings and management of the rules on which threat detection is based.

Management and cataloging of critical alerts or patterns of a threat that generate notifications on the main communication and business management platforms

This project has been subsidized by the CDTI.

La empresa SPECIALIZED SECURITY HUB SL ha recibido una subvención de 250.000€ para la realización del proyecto denominado:


En un mundo cada vez más dependiente de los sistemas informáticos, la exposición y agujeros de seguridad están a la orden del día. Los ciberdelincuentes, profesionales o aficionados; continuamente están buscando cómo aprovecharse de los fallos y brechas de seguridad yendo siempre un paso por delante. En los entornos industriales nos encontramos ante una situación de hiperconectividad que promueve la Industria 4.0 y que permite exponer los datos a Internet amentando los vectores de posibles ataques.

El objetivo de SSH es desarrollar un producto que de solución a la creciente necesidad de proteger las PYME, y también al usuario doméstico, de ataques cibernéticos que pongan en peligro el correcto funcionamiento de los sistemas.

Este proyecto se ha llevado a cabo gracias a la cofinanciación de CDTI mediante el programa NEOTEC 2019.

The place of execution of the project AVDA. GRAL. VARA DE REY, 41 BIS. PL7-OF5, LOGROÑO, LA RIOJA, 26002

Project execution period: 01/01/2020-31/12/2021

Project budget: 250,000 €.