Expert Report

La LEC (Ley de Enjuiciamiento Civil) admite la modalidad de informe pericial de parte como medio de prueba dentro del proceso. Ponemos a tu disposición una amplia experiencia en la elaboración y posterior defensa del informe pericial de parte. Un servicio orientado a clientes particulares, empresas, administraciones y abogados.

Defence or prosecution

In litigation involving evidences or IT-supported contracts, electronic media, telecommunications or use of ICT.

We rainforce your strategy

An objective and well-prepared expert report allows to corroborate your argument or disarm the one of the other party.

We defend your arguments

We offer our ability and capacity to defend the report before a judge, transmitting its conclusions with clarity and forcefulness.

Law areas

Labor - Criminal - Commercial - Civil - Contentious Administrative - Mediation

Contact us and present your case, we will give you the right solution.

Success Stories

In all these cases, the preparation of the expert report of the party and its subsequent defense at the judicial headquarters were decisive for them to opt favorably towards our clients.

Labor, Criminal, Civil, Commercial and Contentious Administrative.

  • A private customer who owns some domains that he had assigned to his company and once he leaves the company, the company says that the domains are their own.
  • Employee is fired accused of improperly using the technological means that the company puts at his service
  • In a separation process, one of the parties reports improper access by the other party to their email.
  • An Operator provides an Internet connectivity service and the client considers that the quality of the service does not comply with the contract and claims compensation.
  • An Operator sues another operator for breach of service.
  • Administration asks an operator for a fee for the use of its public space.
  • Administration denies aid for alleged non-compliance with technological bases.
  • Administration denies presentation of invoices to an IT company arguing that it is not active.